All Forklift Models
Invoiced after 11/1/2010
Standard Warranty 3 Years or 4000 hr Full Machine

The following rules apply:

  1. All machines invoiced (after 11/01/2010) are eligible for this warranty. Only machines purchased by an authorized HCE Dealer from Hyundai Construction Equipment, Elk Grove Village Illinois are eligible for this program.
  2. This warranty is only applicable to standard configurations that are available from Hyundai Construction Equipment Company
  3. Rental Machines are eligible and must be registered to qualify.
  4. Registration is required; Delivery Report/ Warranty Certificate must be filed to HCE
  5. See exclusions below for terms and conditions and items not covered under the standard warranty.
  6. All Service intervals must be observed as outlined in the operator’s manual. Service records are required to maintain warranty coverage.
  7. All machines must be repaired by an Authorized Hyundai Dealer using Genuine Hyundai Parts to maintain warranty coverage.


Excessive wear due to extreme applications Misapplication, abuse, or lack of proper maintenance (see operators manual).
Unauthorized modifications resulting in component, and or parts failure.
Only Genuine parts supplied by HCE will be covered.
Ground Engaging Tools are not covered under this warranty.

Download Warranty Certificate (pdf)